The Amarissa Joye, new $9-million vessel will transport farmed fish, and the owner isn’t apologizing

The Amarissa Joye,Port Hardy’s James Walkus is not apologetic about his big new $9-million transporter boat being involved in the fish farming industry. “I believe it needs to be,” said Walkus, 75, of fish farming. “Our wild fishery won’t support the supply and demand. Critics of fish farming say the process despoils the ocean beds below the pens where the farm fish are kept and that the problem of sea lice on wild fish is heightened by the pens’ proximity to those wild fish. Read the rest here 22:02

  • Mr.Enviro

    Who owns this boat.? Did our Government invest in this boat.? Many questions to ask and very disappointed in all levels of Govt. for allowing the contamination and destruction of our fragile Pristine marine ecosystems for the gain of a few. Typical of a Neo Libertarian state we live under. Time to restore democracy by removing these fish farms NOW.!