The Fishing Widow Prologue – a glimpse of Amy Marshall’s new book and Amy herself, an interesting Alaskan

September 2006 Aboard Fairweather off the coast of Southeast Alaska

“Gall damn son of a bitch!  Nathan, you asshole!  What’re you doin’?” Matt screamed into the radio as he throttled back on Fairweather’s engines and cut the wheel hard to port.  Spray and rain washed across the wheelhouse windows as the seine boat shuddered across crests and troughs.  Matt’s brown eyes grew wide, his heart raced as Fairweather’s superstructure groaned under the strain of the sudden change of course.  Angry, slate grey water topped with white roared over the bow and Matt braced himself against the con as Fairweather slammed bow-first into a trough.  The wind shrieked in the wires. Unsecured objects crashed, sliding recklessly throu,,,,,,,,,,,Below in the fo’c’sle of Matt’s boat, six deckhands,,,,,,,,Read More!

I can’t wait!

Explore Amy’s blog. She is a very interesting Alaskan!


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