N.C. boat captains put on a show for “Wicked Tuna”

Reality? For the most part, say three Outer Banks fishing captains who participated on “Wicked Tuna: North vs. South.” “Let’s just say it wasn’t a documentary,” Britton Shackelford, captain of Doghouse, said of the National Geographic series that concluded last Sunday. Shackelford’s peers on the southern team were Reed Meredith on Wahoo and Greg Mayer on Fishin’ Frenzy. Read the rest here 19:03

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Hey Britton, thanks for the honesty. I’m a Northeast Commercial Bluefin Fisherman myself as well I use to work on other Species until the bogus Regulations took that away from us.
    Given the dramatic increases of Fuel and Bait a nice supplementary Fishery turned into a major GAMBLE. Thank God you Guys have the Show to offset those expenses.
    I enjoyed watching the Shows and I can’t be anymore happy for you Guys. What’s your take on “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY”? I know it definitely sunk us up here. It’s too bad the rest of the Nation hasn’t realized what every American has lost. It’s time for Congress and all Americans to wake up and smell the low Tide. It’s only going to get worse as the Gridding of the Oceans and inland Waters increase as the Gold rush takes place. People just don’t realize the ramifications of this Executive decision and the TYRANNY of one person’s motivation. He tried to bring this through Congress with H.R. 3534 “THE CLEAR ACT” which even threatened OUR SOVEREIGNTY of OUR WATERS. This EXECUTIVE DECISION is not going to help the NATION. It reeks of SOCIALISM and could be considered a RICO OPERATION. Nothing good will come from this. It’s already stolen all AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY. PRIVATIZING will undermine us just like OUTSOURCING of AMERICAN JOBS.
    Once again I’m happy that some AMERICANS are able to benefit from the Show. Have you got to fight a Bucket Tuna yet?
    Good luck and catch’em up Capt. I know most of the Northern Crews and have fished near by with them. My best to you, your Mate and Families, also the rest of the Boats and their Families.
    God Bless and stay safe.

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