‘Deadliest Catch’ Fishing Boats to Ride Out Killer Storm

“We have from three to five boats in the water in full production right now,” Pritikin said. “Some are racing back to Dutch Harbor, others will be out there fishing through it. They won’t be able to make it back in time, and they have the quota to catch.” Read the rest here 21:32

7 Responses to ‘Deadliest Catch’ Fishing Boats to Ride Out Killer Storm

  1. alaskagal says:

    Gag me with a king salmon. This reality TV hype is just too much. Fishing in their survival suits? Have to catch their quota? Oh sure ….

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Drama they said. We want drama. The more the better. Drama sells, and selling is success in the TV racket.

    • borehead says:

      Watched the Eco Darling Keith Coburn look at the camera during extreme weather, men on deck, say, we can’t stop. We have a scheduled delivery, and this boat will be loaded when we get there.
      So much for the EDF bull shit about fishing when they want! Its still a derby fishery!

      • DickyG says:

        Yes, what happened to “…ending the race for fish” and also according to the Pew/EDF/Oceana advertising pitch for catch shares “…fishermen can choose their days to avoid inclement weather, thus increasing industry safety”? Apparently what the “Crab Ratz” has accomplished is to put the control of filling quota—and the profits—completely in the hands of the Japanese owned processors, that is, after reducing the Crab fleet by 75% (consolidation in the name of “efficiency”).

        • alaskagal says:

          I think the fleet has been reduced by more than 75%. In Kodiak what happened…was it 53 boats down to 5?

          • DickyG says:

            I wasn’t sure so I picked a conservative number. I thought it was some 260 down to 56 or something like that. In New England we’ve been reduced by at least that…and counting.

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