Jane say’s lack of diversity is impeding effective conservation action!

10172769-largeThere seems to be some squabbling in the Environmental Industry over diversity! Nearly 250 experts, including Jane Lubchenco, have signed a letter saying infighting and exclusion of women and minorities within the conservation movement is preventing effective action worldwide. Where’s all the cumbyia? Read the rest here, apologies to my friends for the photo. 19:04:44

  • alaskagal

    You should have warned us! It takes an hour for the bonine to kick in and now I’ve gotta puke.

    • borehead

      I’m wicked sorry, alaskagal. I saw it this morning ‘n wrestled about putting it up, but said, “aaaah” Its for diversity! I thought this group of toads , ‘specially the men were all feminists! Just ruthless men.

      • DickyG

        Fred Krupp is a Fred Kruppinist!