Either there are two meetings one for us, and an earlier one for the Press @ 13:00 or they are lying.

Just intercepted a notice from NOAA Fish Media on twitter, that there is a media advisory from NOAA Whatever about the meeting being at 13:00 – 13:30! Well. Which is it, and why does the press get briefed before the meeting, if there really is a meeting, or just a press conference. READ IT HERE 11:30

  • Ec Newell Man

    Trial balloon…..damage control?

    As usual…it’s possible in limiting political fallout from the impending news, and it makes you wonder how they are going to spin this!

    • borehead

      Jesus Christ! Help me, I’m beggin’ ya!
      What is wrong with these people?
      I just spun it my way. I think they’re a bunch of inept buffoons, or just down right vicious.

      • Sandy Yates

        Vicious is your answer. Sorry.