Hello Ms. Schiffer, Chief Counsel, NMFS – About that Document Shredding

g12200000000000000059821060cb1e7b3b33b412df8d2f2e39f9f731ddOnce again, I find it difficult to understand, as indicated by the attached article, how a poor working stiff fisherman is hauled all the way to the Supreme Court for discarding two fish. As I am sure you will recall, your Mr. Dale Jones (at the time, head of enforcement) admitted to Congress, on camera, that he routinely shredded documents, including those under scrutiny,  and he appeared to be smiling when he admitted it. Mr. Jones apparently was confident that  he was in safe hands. A short time later he was given a cushy reassignment and a raise. Crime pays when you work for the government! Read the rest here 15:56

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