Emily Rooney and Vito Giacolone discuss the Cod Cuts


3 Responses to Emily Rooney and Vito Giacolone discuss the Cod Cuts

  1. jmknbsc . says:

    Damn good interview, Vito!
    Jim Kendall nbsc

  2. DickyG says:

    Yes, I agree with Jim, I thought the interview was a really level headed account of some extremely complex (and emotionally loaded) problems. Only thing I disagree with is the lack of certainty regarding a concerted effort to remove fishing; but avoiding that truth which, is fairly obvious to most, was ultimately judicious and effective diplomacy and appropriate for this interview.

    My belief is (and has been for some time) that if we don’t start to court public opinion, we won’t survive. Clearly the courts of last resort have joined the chorus of disrespect for the fishing industry with several clearly biased rulings in response to lawsuits brought by Massachusetts and several fishing organizations and individuals.

    We can communicate with the public through outreach endeavors of festivals and conferences such as New Bedford’s Working Waterfront, and factual internet You Tube videos, and radio and TV interviews similar to Vito’s and Emily Rooney’s discussion. We need to work at letting the average citizen know who we are and what we do. We need to publicize the fact that there is “best available science” available that NOAA defensively refuses to include in their assessment “process”.

    In an intelligent and almost dispassionate way, we need to let people know there is a local fishing industry, vital to national food security, that is being choked to death for no good reason other than energy industry greed coveting the fishing grounds and the government’s collusion and blind allegiance to the privatize-everything economics farce. (I guess that doesn’t sound too dispassionate, does it?)

    But, if we don’t define ourselves with some accurate facts regarding the ocean and the role we all play in its stewardship, we are allowing the likes of Fred Krupp (EDF), Peter Shelley (CLF), and Andy Rosenberg (WTF) to slander us and our profession any way they choose for their own self-serving goals.

    But good job I thought by Vito and Emily. We need many more like it.

  3. StripedBassHole says:

    So many facets. “The Obama Ocean Policy” has proven to be a solid Vehicle. Green Non-Profits are the new “Cottage Industry” funded by some of the biggest polluters on the Planet. Talk about Hippo-craps.
    Not to mention the old divide and conquer method. Reduce the Crowd and stifle the VOICE… Also who controls the Media? Then given the fact that HR 3534 “The CLEAR Act” sank resulting into this Executive decision, one Man’s decision not a Congressional action. There’s something rotten in Denmark, D.C. rather. Could it be a Red Herring? Oh the AIR of Socialism. Have you given any thought of which FEMA Camp you’d prefer? Then again I doubt we’d be given a VOICE here either.
    So what do you think did he write it himself or was it dictated???..

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