Fisherman Racism? Cape Breton aboriginal man blames boat damage on non-native fishermen

Kenny Basque says he knew he would suffer racism when he was getting into the native fishery five years ago, but he didn’t expect it would lead to serious vandalism. His boat sustained more than $9,000 in damage after it was untied from its mooring at the St. Peter’s Canal on Nov. 3. Read the rest here 08:54

  • Gord Perrin

    that boat doesnt look like its even worth 9000

    • borehead

      That’s true, Gord, but what about the gear? Its too bad that anyone has to go through this extra burden. Its hard enough to earn a living.

  • StripedBassHole

    From my view point O and 0 appear the same, we still come up w/ zilch…