A Rosie Report! Observer program gets ‘sea legs’ as fisheries recover

observer sean sullivanThis summer, the alleged assault of a federal fisheries observer by a deck boss of a groundfish trawler from Astoria,,, Brad Pettinger, director of the Oregon Trawl Commission, called it a “renewal of the social contract that we have with the public.” Now, NOAA is juggling new questions ,, And observers, once viewed with distrust and even hostility, say their jobs have gotten easier. Read the rest here 18:00

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  1. borehead says:

    It was here!, I even commented at the article!

    Observer program gets ‘sea legs’ as fisheries recover

    borehead > Liz Mitchell •41 minutes ago

    First off, Catch Shares had nothing to do with the recovery of this fishery. It was well on its way before privatization was induced.
    The Observer Program had, and has nothing to do with it either.
    The attitude you have is that these guys are greedy and would destroy what they suffered for to see it rebuilt. This fleet shrank because the stocks wouldn’t support it following the meddling of the Service to expand the fleet through tax credits for outside investors, kind of like now with Catch Shares and quota trading, something that costs the crew money from their shares to pay rent money.
    Your Gruberesqe mish mash regarding EM is laughable.
    The only reason that it hasn’t been instituted is its not ready for Enforcement purposes!
    Hmm. I though it was about the “science” not being able to bust fishermen for some miniscule infraction, and really, how many Otoliths do they really need to remove anyway?
    This just another insulting example of fishery “management”.

  2. Bill Diller says:

    Although it’s no longer visible, I’d venture an educated guess that this is one more “puff piece” either written by or dictated by one of the ENGOs such as ED or TNC

    • borehead says:

      It really was a Rah Rah piece about it.
      I’m glad I got my lick in. Just as soon as I posted at the article, they yanked it. I pulled the comment from my discuss profile. That’s something they couldn’t delete.

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