What Wrecks Reveal

plotter wreck kathryn janeFrom the paper by Penny McCall, – Amidst the hope required to going out fishing day after day, Findus was a portent, a ghost of the devastated future that any small fishing boat could easily become. During the time I knew Alasdair and worked on his small fishing trawler, he told me Findus’ story again and again.  The first time was after a month of patiently tolerating my questions about environmental relations and fishing practices. Alasdair pointed out that I had never asked him about friends he had  lost at sea: ‘wouldn’t that be quite an obvious question?’ he asked. And then Alasdair  told me about Findus and the wreck of his small fishing boat, the  Kathryn Jane Read the rest here, 22 pages 15:01

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