Another Fairy Tale! – Atlantic Cod And The Human ‘Tragedy Of The Commons’

He never got a high school diploma. He didn’t need one, with his dad taking him out on the side trawler to the rich Georges Bank fishing grounds off New England. Helping out on the boat earned Tony good money. Real good money. Cod money. Read the rest here  A short video by the author! He should follow his own advice when it comes to fish opinion. 14:39

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  1. DickyG says:

    Ropeik and Associates, is essentially a PR consulting firm coaching government, nuclear, pharmaceutical, airline, energy, and chemical industries (to name a few) on how to deal with risks they might be posing to the planet and its inhabitants.

    When a company get in trouble or when they are trying to sell something that’s not so healthy, they are advised as to “what to say” concerning “risk communication” or how not to worry “all you have to fear is fear” from the “we’ve always got your best interests in mind” companies. Ropeik and Associates advises organizations on matters such as:

    “Governments considering creation or expansion of a nuclear energy program.”
    “A major pharmaceutical company regarding questions about contamination of a popular product.”
    “Governments at all levels preparing emergency response communication.”
    “A major medical device company following news reports that one of its principal producs was defective.”
    “Food industry agencies and companies dealing with public apprehension about Mad Cow disease.”

    So it’s “Relax, relax, fear is subjective and if you pay attention to the ‘facts’ (as we present them), you’ll see that we have your best interests at heart and whatever it is you’re worried about is really A-OK.”

    Now the question lingers, so why is this guy writing anti-fishing misinformation articles as per Pew and EDF and Oceana?

    Looking at some of his “clients” on the list linked below might shed some light on that. How about The American Meat Institute, or Dow Chemical, or Entergy Power Corp. for instance, or maybe he’s got a new contract with Wind or Wave Energy and is softening the field for introducing a “risk management” communication approach for offshore nuclear or some such insanity.

    Whenever anyone starts a volley of articles and blogs lambasting the fishing industry, especially when they call on the ol’ “Tragedy Of The Commons” farce, you can bet they’re warming up to stealing the “Commons” and are most assuredly in the employ of one of the industrial “Moneyed Monsters” (a term from the Teddy Roosevelt era) who have big plans for the ocean—and Fishermen are not invited.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    They should be representing Proctologist too. Look how well the Government has everyone bent over with little to no effort,,,
    The ERA of the Catch Share will surely go gown in infamy too…
    We’re from the Government and we’re here to help, FEAR the REPEAR for it is REAL…

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