LIPA to pursue 11 solar arrays in Suffolk, reject offshore wind farm

Wind energy advocates came out in force to express dismay that the offshore project didn’t make the cut. Peter Gollon, chair of the local Sierra Club’s energy committee, gave LIPA an “F” for failing to make good on its plan to issue 280 megawatts of green energy. Heres an F for you Pete! Read the rest here 16:24

  • DickyG

    Yea! for LIPA! Not one of my favorite institutions; but seems they’re showing some sense here. Solar is the way to go!

    PS- and where did you get that photo of me and Jeannie on our last beach outing for the summer? (It is kinda’ personal, you know.)

    • borehead

      Its great news, eh? This is the third one shot down, although Fishermen’s Energy is still trying. There was another one south of there in Maryland that was shut down. Small victory’s, but still wins. I knew you wouldn’t mind the photo for this auspicious occasion!