Subject: SAFMC March meeting – Chris McCaffity

I am not happy at all about this. The council is playing games with our lives and resources. I know NONE of them will have the honor or courage to debate me. They are spineless cowards!
Why is Kate Quigley getting ANOTHER chance to pitch her/SAFA/EDF catch share scheme to the council?
8:30 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Catch Shares Committee/Ben Hartig (TAB 11)
1. Presentation on a voluntary catch share program/Kate Quigley
2. Council discussion and action as appropriate – ACTION”

What kind of action is the council plotting to take?  Read more

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  1. freefish7 says:

    The comment above was based on what I thought was the 2013 SAFMC March meeting agenda. Somehow the 2012 agenda came up on the council website when I was looking for the dates trying to see if I could make it for the public comment session of that meeting.

    I want to apologize to everyone who read the above post and this response. I allowed my frustration with the situation to guide my words. I usually study what I am going to write about and pray God will give me the words to use. Most of the points made are valid, but used in the wrong context. It is important to acknowledge when mistakes are made and try to correct them. Please forgive my hasty words and do not judge my other comments based on them. I stand behind every other post and comment I have submitted and am willing to have a discussion and/or debate with anyone about them.

    I also want to say that most of the council members are good people. There are some who will not think beyond theories. The only debate they allow is in our three minutes of public comments or a brief Q&A session. I was wrong to make any personal attack on proponents of catch shares and sincerely apologize for it. I preach the Golden Rule and failed to practice it in this instance. I humbly ask your forgiveness.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      ff7, peoples lives are at stake with these plans. Peoples lives have been destroyed by these plans.there is nothing wrong with having passion about an issue. Frankly I wish there were more people such as yourself who are not afraid to speak their mind.

      Your direct attack is born out of frustration from being on an uneven playing field and understandable. The attacks go both ways. The difference I see here is that you were willing to recognize when you stepped over the line and to apologize for what you said.

      It takes morals and courage to admit when a mistake has been made. When was the last time you saw someone from the other camp show the same decency which you have displayed?

      I say forget about it and move on with your head held high!

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