Back Fishing – Former UFC Fighter Cody McKenzie Retires from MMA, Cites Poor Pay and Treatment

Cody “The AK Kid” McKenzie (15-6) retired from the sport of mixed martial arts Thursday evening.  B/R: Now, just for comparison, can you say how much you make commercial fishing in a typical season?  CM: I’ve had seasons where I made $80,000 in three months, and I’ve had seasons where I made $5,000 in three months. Fishing is a flip of the coin, but that’s only three months out of the year, and at least I’m out on the boat. Read the rest here 17:09

  • StripedBassHole

    Fishing gets in your Blood especially when you grow-up around it. Even people that never lived by the Sea catch the Bug. It becomes more then an occupation, we thrive when we’re out at Sea it becomes a PASSION. How can you beat interacting with nature. We see the trends it’s not Rape and Pillage to everyone. We are the true Stewards of the Sea. True Conservation is in our best interest. If you eat the Whole Box of Chocolate in one Day that’s it. Maybe you can afford many Boxes of Chocolate but if you eat a Box every Day it will eventually catch up to you, you get Fat, risk Diabete’s and other Health issues.
    Not to mention having a number of Vessels out there creates a SAFETY BLANKET. We’re very vigilant and if someone is in trouble we’ll drop what we’re doing and go into RESCUE MODE, if there’s something questionable going on out there we’ll see it, you can’t beat free HOMELAND SECURITY. People should consider these things before they paint us as VILLIANS. With all said we just want to FISH and provide FOOD for those that can’t catch it themselves.