Work starts on disputed offshore windmill project

fishermen energyWork began Tuesday on a proposed New Jersey wind power project that’s still very much up in the air. Fishermen’s Energy held a groundbreaking in Atlantic City for the onshore portion of its proposed project to locate five windmills about three miles off the city’s coast by workers preparing for a connection cable. The plan, rejected three times by New Jersey utility regulators, is the subject of a court appeal due to be heard in March. Read the rest here 07:19

One Response to Work starts on disputed offshore windmill project

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Cost versus Value would be over-barring to the Consumer, especially if forced to be part of the GRID. Down time during the Winter would create unneeded purchase of PREMIUM fill in Power due to Storms and BREAKDOWNS. Not to mention Offshore vs. Land start-up COSTS and Down-Time for maintenance. How and Who in their right MIND would want to be out there in the Winter.
    Look at the make up of these in a Marine Installation. Dissimilar Metals, Dielectric Solution (salt-water), stray electricity. Sounds like the makings of a BATTERY, how many ZINCS are they going to put on these THINGS? How often will they need to be replaced? How will the STRAY ELECIRICITY effect the ECO-SYSTEM? How much Bottom will they disturb installing the FOOTINGS and laying the CABLE? If anywhere they should be built on Mountains or Plains where the Solar effect would create natural convection for a steady stream of WIND. Start up Costs and ease of maintenance would be expotentially far cheaper OFFSHORE UNITS will displace valuable ECO-SYSTEM HABITAT and POTENTIAL sustainable FISHING GROUNDS, not what will become an eventual JUNK-YARD! COMMON SENSE has become so UNCOMMON…

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