An Opinion – How “Jaws” ruined everything for great white sharks

Christopher Neff, a lecturer in public policy at the University of Sydney, has been documenting the impacts of a more insidiously influential film: “Jaws,” (is that really a job?) “Jaws,” the 1975 classic that taught the world to fear the boat-stalking, man-eating “rogue shark.” Because, convincing as those ’70s-era special effects are, Neff argues that we’ve had a tough time distinguishing the fictional movie beast from the real thing. In truth, he says, no great white shark has ever acted like the one that terrorizes Amity Island. Read the rest here 15:53

3 Responses to An Opinion – How “Jaws” ruined everything for great white sharks

  1. Lenny67 says:

    Neff is an insensitive gOOse…we have had 7 fatal shark attacks in one year here in Australia since Nov 2013′

    Why does he try so hard to defend a killer fish? What is wrong with this person? Sharks are held in higher regard than HUMANS here in Australia. Neff distorts the truth…is paid big to distort the truth.

    Complicit in Manslaughter Neff..

    Go save some donkeys or something you idiot..

    Glen Folkard.

    • StripedBassHole says:

      Here we have a double edged Sword, no less. Look at the GREEN HYPE with an emerging cavalcade of Non-Profits shelling out Fat Salaries. All funded by Wealthy Families that took advantage of CHEAP LABOR and lacks POLLUTION CONTROLS while OUTSOURCING JOBS outside of AMERICA. The NEW ECONOMY should be generated by the creation of CLEAN MANUFACTURING. Face it America has lost it’s MANUFACTURING BASE to the detriment of Americans needing work and Fat Profits for the Elite 1%. Kind of a return to the old Days when Merchant Ships brought Products to the New World before it grew it’s own MANUFACTURING BASE.
      The Computer Age and advanced IT enabled those with the Funds to become Major Players, grabbing a Major Share of the Nations Product and Consumables Market, in turn undermining the Nations Economy.
      Even more sickening is the grab for ALL AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY, yet again only to benefit the Financial Elite. Sadly taking down the Family Farms, Traditional Fisheries, Etc…

      • Lenny67 says:

        Yup same in Australia mate. The divide gets wider every year and its us at the bottom that matter to no one.

        Neff hasnt got kids so he doesnt get what its like to lose your fishing livelyhood that puts food on our tables.

        Neff is anti-human. He is not like the rest off us. Look him up. Dusgusting little creep he is.


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