BP oil spill dispersants concern Nova Scotia Anti Drilling Group

“When you mix this stuff with the oil, you create a compound that is substantially more dangerous than even the dangerous dispersant on its own or even the dangerous oil on its own and this is the issue that we have,” says John Davis, a founder of the No Rigs Coalition. He says Shell has already put out bids to use Corexit if there is a spill at a well planned for the Shelburne Gully. Davis says he worries the chemical could end up on the Georges Bank, pointing out the Labrador Current would carry any material right to the fertile fishing grounds.  Read the rest here 09:20

  • StripedBassHole

    I believe being safe always out weighs the lack of planning that results in regret. Especially given the enormity of “THE PLANET ALTERING EVENT” BP made in “THE GULF of MEXICO SPILL”. Janie had the past to review i.e. “THE EXXON VALDEZ SPILL” of 1989 and the FALLOUT from using “COREXIT” before she gave BP the ill fated GREENLIGHT to use it in “THE GULF of MEXICO”. That was a major BONNER coming from a PhD in Ecology, EDF Chairperson, and ultimate HENCHPERSON for NOAA.