Animal Planet’s Alaska: Battle on the Bay – 1,800 Captains Battle Nature, the Law and Each Other for the Ultimate Fishing Payday

On the bay, the arm of the law is long, tempers are short and every single decision is the difference between drawing a huge income and settling for pennies. The series opens just days before the annual migration of more than 44 million sockeye salmon in Alaska’s Bristol Bay and closely follows five captains and their ships. This Battle on the Bay comes with several tough challenges. Read the rest here 14:30

  • 6 x 19

    What a joke.

    The worst example of an overcapitalized industry.

    Half of these guys can’t even drive their boats.

    Much like the retired schoolteachers that flock to the coast every summer, armed with their fishing rods and “commercial landing license” – many of these permit holders are merely trying to live out their dream of being a cowboy.

    Unfortunately, shows like this only serve to perpetuate highly injurious stereotypes about the commercial fishing industry. Furthermore, as the rest of Alaska has worked to increase the overall quality of their fish; Bristol Bay continues to both encourage and reward fishermen for poor quality fish.

    Unfortunately, these shows portray an imaginative manifestation that is more “Oz” than it is reality… But, footage of the deckhand that lost his ability to provide for his family due to radical environmental legislation doesn’t foster positive reviews.

    A much harsher “reality’ is the fact that the environmental movement and a select group of radical politikers and NGOs are seeking to abolish our nation from nearly all types of commercial fishing effort Wake up, America – realize that we currently import 80% of our domestically-consumed seafood every year. Let’s focus on the larger issues.

    • Zack

      You’re an idiot.