Time to challenge the fisheries oligarchs

On the fish-catching side of the equation, the federal government distributes fish quotas under the so-called Individual Transferable Quota System (ITQ). It means that a licence holder is issued their own quota every season, the theory being that this avoids “The Tragedy of the Commons” — another euphemism of economists for overfishing. In fact, if the quotas are too high it is still overfishing by another name. Even economists and governments can not beat biological reality although they are experts at explaining away their mistakes. Read the rest here 15:30

3 Responses to Time to challenge the fisheries oligarchs

  1. Paul Fraser says:

    Cape Breton fisheries oligarchs controlling seafood industry.


  2. StripedBassHole says:

    A breath of FRESH AIR in a stagnant GREEN CHOKED ENVIRONMENT. COMMON SENSE is the KEY WORD here, something an ACADEMIC can not read in a BOOK or feed to their COMPUTER. I like what I read, can we make it a REALITY? The HOUSE of GREEN ACRONYMS must FALL!!! “T.O.O.P.” must be abolished and “L.O.S.T.” should be LOST forever… WE”VE been ringing you with your WAKE-UP CALL ” AMERICA”, PICK UP the PHONE, WRITE a LETTER, Email, make a visit let your SENATORS and HOUSE REP.S know, were not going to TAKE-IT ANYMORE!!!

  3. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Some very interesting concepts and ideas offered here. The path the American fisheries are heading down is not new. It has been tried and used with disastrous results elsewhere. The facts and figures speak for themselves.
    Until money, politics, and special interests are removed from the equation don’t expect things to get better any time soon. Only when we have leadership in power who recognize common sense over special interest and money will things change for the better.

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