NOAA administrator to step down; some actions sparked controversy. hee hee yeah!

environmental-watchdog[1]“Under her leadership, NOAA has focused on restoring fisheries to sustainability and profitability, restoring oceans and coasts to a healthy state, ensuring continuity of the nation’s weather and other environmental satellites, developing a weather-ready nation, promoting climate science and delivering quality climate products, strengthening science and ensuring scientific integrity at NOAA and delivering the highest quality science, services and stewardship possible,” the administration said. “Healthy oceans and coasts and a nation prepared for sever weather, disasters and climate change are keys to economic recovery and prosperity.” Wow, just, wow. Read more!

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  1. boots44 says:

    This woman is such a liar it is amazing she can sleep at night. I saw her in Gloucester at a law enforcement hearing with Congress, and her complete disregard for everything and everyone- including the Congressmen present- was unreal. She refused to stay and listen to the fishermen testify- once she spoke (because she was forced to speak)- she left, making the Congressional chair of the meeting super mad. He was indignant that she would blow it all off like that. Total liar and scumbag. Everything she said in her parting letter was a lie. She’s “restored the fleet to economic prosperity”???? You have got to be kidding me. I personally know people who have lost their boats, homes, relationships, all due to her catch share program, and they are still going out of business. I have personally spoken to deckhands who fish full time and are still eligible to receive state unemployment- while working full time!- due to her “economic prosperity” she has brought us. I know of people who have lost their whole livelihoods, some forever, because of her. I know people who have lost their retirement, their investments, their entire financial stability, because of her plans. I know that in the first year of catch share plans, New Bedford alone lost 110 vessels. I have heard the fleet there alone has been reduced from 200 working groundfish boats to 25. How sick is that? If that is “restoring a fleet to economic prosperity” I would hate to see what her idea of making millions would be like.

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