Matthew P. Mullin, Environmental Defense Fund – We need cameras monitoring every fishing vessel

THOMAS FARRAGHER is absolutely right: If politicians, ranging from the governor to the attorney general to our congressional delegation, really want to help the fishing industry and save the fish, they need to listen to fishermen like Frank Mirarchi (An expert to reel in,” Metro, Jan. 17). Mirarchi and fishermen like him have seen the benefit of  on commercial vessels in New England for years. We need to see what is happening at sea — what is being caught and where, and what is being thrown overboard.  Read the rest here 08:55

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  1. Frank Haggerty says:

    Massachusetts is Hell bent on ocean wind turbines. They want all the fishing industry out of New Bedford Harbor and 3300 square miles of prime fishing grounds. The politicians ( Gov Patrick ) are making the fishing industry jump through hoops while spending hundreds of millions on the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal – Wake Up !!

    New Bedford Ocean Port: Break The Chain Of Corruption

  2. illusion1256 says:

    I wonder how much Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.(a Canadian Company) is paying EDF to promote their product. They are the beneficiaries of electronic monitoring, in their report ( NEW ENGLAND ELECTRONIC MONITORING PROJECT

    2010 ANNUAL REPORT) page 50 the average estimated cost per trawl vessel is $53,978 per year. Average can mean many things if there is a lot of boats fishing 10-20 days and a few fishing 200 days average is distortedly low. I can easily see someone that fishes hard to be paying 100 to 150,000 dollars on top of paying for quota..
    There are other issues with cameras they don’t recognize flatfish very well..
    I sat through many meetings as an adviser on this and could not get the costs on this from NOAA or EDF, I watched

    Archipelago chastise a NOAA employee for not ramming this down fishermen’s throats so my conclusion is this is a big money grab for them.
    Frank Mirarchi is a nice guy he was involved in the pilot study and may or may not have been paid for it, Ithink the question should have been put him can he afford $53,978 per year and does plan to stay in the industry. It might give different perspective to the endorsement Mr. Mullin gives.
    Mark S Phillips F/V Illusion

  3. StripedBassHole says:

    Rectal Cranial Inversion abounds. Do you have room up there for a Monitor along with your HEAD? So you can view the results from the INVASISCOPES…

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