Setting the record, and John Bullard straight – Fishermen have first-hand knowledge of cod stock levels

Recently the Portsmouth Herald ran a well written, multiple source article on the status of . One of your interviews was with John Bullard, Regional Administrator for NOAA Fisheries. In his statement he said he would be glad to consider my point of view when I produced peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. Apparently Mr. Bullard does not know that I have been involved in peer-reviewed journal articles on several species, as well as trawl bycatch reduction devices, for a number of years. Read the rest here 06:53

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  1. Dave, he won’t listen to you because you and your observations don’t fit the narrative of the destruction of our coastal communities to make way for ocean industrialization.
    Also fishermens observations are anecdotal and mean nothing to the outcome based science being used in the destruction. Fishermen have played by their rules to what end? Time to shut off the black boxes/ankle bracelets and go fishing to catch fish, not to avoid catching them. This has gotten so far out of hand. How many regulators does the government pay to hogtie the few fishermen left? As I have said in the past our last and only resort is civil disobedience. Nothing else has, or will work.

  2. Very well written response to an unbelievably arrogant statement by Bullard. Sometimes I wonder if the East Coast NOAA administrators suffer from teenie weanie syndrome. Could that be why they are such f*cking bullies?

    • John is on WHITE COLLAR WELFARE or should we call it JOB-FARE. Ain’t that right JOHNNY keep those CARDS and MONEY coming…