Tusks of Whimsical-Looking Whales Lead to Charges for 2 in a Maine Courtroom

The defendants, Jay G. Conrad of Tennessee and Andrew J. Zarauskas of New Jersey, face four kinds of charges in a 29-count indictment filed in federal court here late last year: conspiracy, conspiracy to launder money, smuggling goods into the United States and money laundering. Two Canadians, whose names were redacted in the indictment, were also charged. “ are the most vulnerable of the ice-dependent species — vulnerable to climate change,” said Peter Ewins, a senior officer at World Wildlife Fund Canada. (senior officer?) The tusk, found mostly on males, is actually a single tooth growing out of the upper lip. Many scientists believe it is a sexual trait, like peacock feathers or antlers on a stag. “It’s a sexual thing,,,,,,More

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