Commerce appoints Blue North CEO to serve on NPFMC

blue north ceo npfmcThe US Commerce Department is appointing Blue North Fisheries CEO and President Kenny Down to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC). “This is an out-of-cycle appointment. He has been appointed because John Henderschedt resigned,” Speegle said. Henderschedt is executive director of the Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Forum. Read the rest here 14:32

  • StripedBassHole

    Where are you AlaskaGal? For some reason my RADAR is engaged. How do you feel about this one. Is there a PEW or EDF feel about this? Anytime I read COMMERCE my ” ? MARK ” lights up…

    • alaskagal

      Sorry I was in the southern latitudes … got back a couple of days ago and am getting caught up. I’ll ask around.