Stranded sea lions overwhelm California rescue centers

People in Marina del Rey, Calif., were surprised when a sea lion pup wandered into their apartment complex. But getting help for Walter when he was spotted last week wasn’t easy. Nearly 1,000 have washed ashore so far this year. The warmer water could have affected the availability of prey to the sea lions. Another possibility is “the sea lion population is reaching carrying capacity. Read the rest here 18:41

2 Responses to Stranded sea lions overwhelm California rescue centers

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    The protections afforded these animals through the failed policies of NOAA/NMFS are to blame for this mess. This is just another example. The same thing is going to happen in New England with the exploding seal population, (unless the great whites move in in larger numbers to keep them in check). Never forget the lessons that the lemmings teach us.

    • StripedBassHole says:

      We’ll be at the cusp of Natural Pollution that will rival that of the Days of Industrial Pollution all thanks to NOAA/NMFS also. Manic Mammal control issues… The Empathy pulling the Heart Strings of those being deceived by the GREEN MAFIA. Floaters on the Shores of the West and East Coasts. When will they give a SHIT??? The Mammals certainly are outstanding producers when it comes to Fecal free flow…

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