Brokers say “slow going” for Halibut IFQs, catch shares; lots of buyers/few sellers

alaska-halibut__frontRight after the yearly catch limits are announced for halibut, brokers are busy with buying and selling shares of the catch. But it’s been slow going so far this year. Less of a rush this year, but there is less available. So I think the increases in 3A and 2C and the higher prices might bring out some more sellers, and of course the buyers are sitting there waiting. Listen, Read the rest here 16:50

  • StripedBassHole

    Natural Resources should not be turned into COMMODITIES, “PERIOD”. Catch Shares and IFQ’s have killed “TRADITIONAL FISHERIES”. Now the Game is “SURVIVAL of the RICHEST”.
    Just an opinion, “FUCK THEM, FUCK THEM ALL!!!”