SW Boatworks builds big boat for big-time tuna hunter, by Stephen Rappaport

SMR_tuna_com-005For the past several years, Carraro has fished aboard Duffy 38 Tuna.com. This spring, he will move his operations to a new Calvin Beal 44 that will have the same name, but is a much larger boat. The new boat is 44 feet long and has a beam of 17 feet 6 inches — 16 feet 2 inches at the transom — and will weigh close to 35,000 pounds ready to go. The Duffy, now sold, was 38 feet 6 inches long — 35 feet on the waterline — with a beam of 14 feet and a displacement closer to 28,000 pounds — all big differences at sea. Read the rest here 17:59

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