Fishing for business: Cortez one of Florida’s few remaining fishing villages

Karen Bell can’t think of any­thing she’d rather be do­ing than run­ning a com­mer­cial fish­ing op­er­a­tion along Florida’s Gulf Coast. A.P. Bell, on the north­ern edge of Sara­sota Bay, is one of the few re­main­ing work­ing wa­ter­fronts left in Florida. The com­pany owns eight boats that dock at the pier. Another five in­de­pen­dent fish­ers bring their catches to the fish house.The boats that catch bait for the off­shore long-line fish­er­men and the stone crab­bers go out for only a day at a time, but the fish­er­men who bring in the pop- ular grouper are of­ten out in deep wa­ter for 10 or 12 days. Read the rest here  14:44

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