Fisherman’s Diary: Bluefin Tuna in the Northeast

keper connelWhen I say to folks,”I am a Bluefin Tuna Fisherman” the response is usually something along the same lines: “Oh my, you must be rich! Don’t those sell for thousands of dollars a pound?” My nose curls and my hands clench – the fact is that this kind of stuff is just not true. I don’t make a lot of money catching one fish at a time. Thanks to the highly successful reality show “Wicked Tuna,” the viewing public has a wildly inflated impression on just how much New England fishermen are getting paid. Read the rest here 20:17

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    People have to understand that the REALITY of the Reality Show “WICKED TUNA” is RATINGS. The Show is Feathered and Peppered by Artistic License that takes place in all forms of Filmed Entertainment. I repeat the BOTTOM LINE is “RATINGS”. Most Fish are sold on consignment, where you rely on the judgement of your Dealer. Great expectations have resulted in shipping Bills rather then a Fat Check. The Guaranteed Ship price is nothing more than a distant MEMORY now a Days.
    What does remain is the PASSION of the pursuit of these GREAT CREATURES. You could call it a sickness as the ADRENALINE can become addictive…
    Given the current Fisheries manipulation, i.e. the PRIVATIZATION of a “NATURAL RESOURCE” and the theft of all AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY through “T.O.O.P.” I must take my Hat off to those that benefit from this Show and others like it…

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