South Carolina Businessman to lead opposition against Big Oil

A Murrells Inlet businessman who also makes his home in the inlet is taking on “Big Oil” — and right here on the South Strand. Rich Baumann, the founder of Murrells Inlet Seafood, is putting together individuals, companies and groups opposed to seismic testing and eventually oil drilling off the South Carolina coast. Read the rest here 13:49

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Welcome to the “GRAND ILLUSION” Janie GREEN-LIGHTED the use of “COREXIT” allowing BP to sink the “CRUDE SLICK” in the Gulf of MEXICO. Hence out of Sight OUT of MIND. Despite the known FALL-OUT of it’s use in the 1989 EXXON-VALDEZ SPILL, that is still visibly part of the ENVIRONMENT in VALDEZ. The BP SPILL in the Gulf of MEXICO may not stand out, but it is still there 5000 Feet below the SURFACE in GLOBS of CRUDE and “COREXIT”. NOAA needs to send an ROV down and DOCUMENT the EXISTENCE of the SPILL!!! BP is still responsible for this MESS and should be accountable for it. In other WORDS start ENGINEERING a MAJOR BOTTOM “CLEAN-UP”!!!
    Otherwise this will become a PRECEDENT establishing a way of dealing with “MAJOR PLANET ALTERING EVENTS”. Soon “COREXIT” will be renamed “CRUDE-EXIT” an accepted method of SWEEPING the MESS UNDER the RUG!!!
    We all know “OIL and WATER” don’t “MIX”… Are you prepared to allow it to become part of the ENVIRONMENT like that in “VALDEZ”???

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