Is the tasty blue crab’s natural range creeping north?

Ephemeral populations of blue crabs have been documented previously in the Gulf of Maine. Johnson notes that in the 1950s blue crabs were observed in the gulf during a time of warmer waters. But once the waters returned to average temperatures, the crabs disappeared. “It’s too early to determine if the current blue crab population in the Gulf of Maine is permanent or ephemeral,” Johnson says. “However, models predict an increasing warming of the world’s oceans and recent observations of blue crabs may be a crystal ball into the future ecology of the Gulf of Maine.” Read the rest here 09:37

2 Responses to Is the tasty blue crab’s natural range creeping north?

  1. Shrimper says:

    If we lose the Gulf Stream.. What’s going to happen.

  2. What a crock of crap …. spin about Global Warming.
    The crabs were there before!
    If you know ANYTHING about navigation, you know the north pole moves 42 miles per year. The earth wobbles like a top.
    Only natural for some parts to get warmer while others get colder during the normal rotation.
    Last time I checked, fish and crabs don’t know how to read maps or GPS’s.

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