Letter: NOAA’s action still leaves out smaller boats

100_1726To the editor: With regard to NOAA’s accepting parts of a proposal of the Northeast Seafood Coalition and Gloucester fishermen: I still fail to see how this will help the small boat and fisherman who cannot go out to Georges Bank. How can this help them? It seems the larger boats have a better chance to make a living and that can be good, but what about the small guy? Is NOAA going to help them? I think it’s about time that NOAA think about the entire fleet, and not just cater to the bigger vessels. SAM PARISI Gloucester @GDT 07:35

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Hilary “PRIVATIZED” her Email, yet those Emails are still retrievable from Her “SERVER”. Dale Jones worked off of the Federal “SERVERS” and all that info that was supposedly “SHREDDED” can be retrieved. You can not SHRED a HARD-DRIVE or a SERVER. You can over-write them but the info is still there. We need a “CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION” and it will more then likely shatter the “IVORY TOWER”. “T.O.O.P.” must be rolled back, “ONE MAN”S EXECUTIVE DECISION” should not take-over and “DICTATE” the taking of “ALL AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY” and the “HOSTILE TAKE-OVER of OUR NATURAL RESOURCE”. Revive the “SPIRIT OF THE 1976 MAGNUSON ACT. We need “OUR TRADITIONAL FISHERIES” BACK!!!
    Will someone please let Sam know that “FISHERYNATION.COM” would like to see his comments here along with the EDITED “GDT’s” pay to read…

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