My Turn: Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization moves forward – Rep Don Young

Almost 40 years ago, without regard for the conservation of our fisheries or the needs of the Alaskan people, foreign fishing fleets dominated the waters off Alaska’s shores and took anything and everything in their reach. Ask anyone familiar with the times. Deck lights of foreign vessels – dozens if not more – could be seen just miles off the coast of Kodiak and other coastal communities. Recognizing the need for change, countless Alaskan fishermen came to Congress to ask for help in pushing the foreign fleets out.  Read the rest here 10:35

3 Responses to My Turn: Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization moves forward – Rep Don Young

  1. Groundswell Fisheries Movement says:

    How easily Don fabricates an Alaskanization or Americanization of the North Pacific fisheries, when it is clear MSA law has allowed the Japanization of our industry. He speaks of accountability to federal agencies yet never allows MSA reauthorization to include Abusive Transfer Pricing, illicit accounting across borders, and make the foreign-owned subsidiaries operating a fish Kleptocracy in Alaska reveal their true global revenues. Alaska has lost an estimated (by US Treasury agent and Groundswell’s founder and whistleblower) $50 billion since 1977. Some Americanization act. Young is a coward because he refuses to strengthen USA ex-vessel prices and export wholesale values to reflect comparable uncontrolled prices. Young supports a foreign cartel, which has been increasingly joined by US firms who must mimic such global tax cheating and profit laundering in order to compete. – Stephen Taufen, Groundswell

    • StripedBassHole says:

      The “SPIRIT of the 1976 Magnuson Act” was transformed into a LOOP-HOLE with the creation of “THE MAGNUSON/STEVENS ACT” it turned the ORIGINAL ACT 180 DEGREES and REOPENED the DOOR to the PAST and enabled others and “HIS OWN” to benefit through this BASTARDIZED ACT. Scott Brown witnessed the PROBLEMS in “D.C.” when he ended “INSIDER TRADING” this is a recent event and great EXAMPLE of the SHIT that has been going on for YEARS. “PUBLIC SERVICE” had become “SELF SERVING”. For the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE is “FOLK-LURE”…

      • Groundswell Fisheries Movement says:

        Darned right, and what a precious description: “Folk-Lure”. MSA has a criminal law section (1857) on Prohibited Acts but try to get an incident indicted and prosecuted – no. It just creates the illusion of law-abiding while dividing classes of people and making headway for elitists (the Catch Share entitlement boys) at the expense of Nation and liberty to fish competitively and hold power on supplier level that could raise ex-vessel prices. With the wholesale, FOB plant, transnational transfers at illicit prices, it just doubles down on the vice squeezing those who fish. Have you ever really met a giant seafood company that doesn’t take every dime needed out of the fishermen’s pocket? Don Young — if really a good Alaskan — should include measures in MSA to ensure “Lay Share” laws and distributions, captain and crew rights, are secured and commanding USCG to board and inspect as required, ensuring proper contracts etc. And so much more. Folk-lure! = the PR lies told in violation of sec. 1857 (I) in order to get national commons handed over for free to greedy players sucking at government breasts. He who gets the most milk wins?! Sick game.

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