Coast Guard closes Oregon Inlet, Charter Fishermen are FURIOUS with four days left of the Blue Fin Tuna Season.

Oregon Inlet is closed to vessels drawing more than 2 feet, essentially shutting down the charter fishing fleet with four days left in the bluefin tuna season and as Easter week approaches. Petty Officer Kathryn Bruner with the Coast Guard in Wilmington said Saturday that the closing was prompted by the latest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers survey, which showed that search-and-rescue vessels can no longer get out of the inlet. Read the rest here 14:53

  • val

    I brought this situation up in a he last commissioners meeting, unable to serve and protect and respond to someone in distress is devastating to our county, needless to say this limits our response and time is crucial, apparently not a priority right now, the coast guard has to have permission before they launch helicopters for rescue missions, and it takes an hour before the launch if they have permission to respond, not only this if there is a traumatic incident out there, the first hour is the most cruicial for survival, oh and the kicker, it’s a 40 min air travel time from Elizabeth city coast guard, so there 1hour and 40 mins just to get help to you or whoever in distress, if your safety is a priority wouldn’t you think they would have a helecoptor there on standby just in case, Guess they didn’t really think this through, oh I find it Pretty Shaddy that they came up with a costly penalty, instead of an alternative RESCUE PLAN, to at least give the visitors and citizens of Dare County piece of mind!!! I have family out there fishing, and it’s there job, the coast guard is the closest we have to get them the help they need and they themselves are unable to protect and serve, I’m a concerned tax payer, citizen, and Emergency Care Provider

  • Ray Midgett