“Hands Up” – Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D Tex.), Wants Obama to Fire Commerce IG Todd Zinser

A top Democrat this week will ask President Obama to fire the Commerce Department’s inspector general after a congressional probe uncovered a pattern of alleged misconduct, including retaliation against whistleblowers and the hiring of a suspected girlfriend. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Tex.), the ranking Democrat on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, called for Todd Zinser’s ouster during floor remarks Thursday. Read the rest here 08:24

5 Responses to “Hands Up” – Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D Tex.), Wants Obama to Fire Commerce IG Todd Zinser

  1. alaskagal says:

    So is that why Jack Shit happened when he came to Alaska to investigate the illegality of the way Catch Shares was implemented?

  2. alaskagal says:

    Ooops — just went back and re-read previous writings about the mysteries of IG reports and stonewalling by govt. agencies.

  3. jmknbsc . says:

    I’ve already sent out a group email stating that we need to find a way to support the only guy in the NOAA/NMFS bureaucracy who went to bat for the fishing industry. The fact that nothing was ever done was through no fault of his. In fact he continued to listen to us in spite of the fact that he was being cut off at the pass in DC! He probably knew full well what to expect even for just meeting & talking with industry. I suggest we start by calling on some of our legislators to elicit support for him.
    Jim Kendall

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Jim, I’d like to think there could be a way to help Mr. Zinser but when you look at what’s happening in DC these days my feeling is we would be pissing up a rope.
      DC has become a lawless swamp filled with snakes and leeches who do not have to adhere to the same rules of ethics and law that everyday Americans have to. Until an administration comes along and drains this swamp and brings back law and order for all (including elected officials) nothing will change. Just look at what the Clinton’s are going to get away with.
      The double standard is sickening. Until the American people rise up in mass and demand accountability from those who govern I fear nothing will change. The question is what is it going to take to awaken the masses?
      That said, if anyone can come up with an idea that will help Mr. Zinser I’m all in.

      • StripedBassHole says:

        One way to start would to have Computer Forensics look into the Government Servers that hold the “Information” that Dale Jones supposedly “SHREDDED”…
        Hillary Clinton’s private Servers is a perfect example and reason for this to occur…

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