Heiltsuk First Nation claims victory over disputed herring fishery – “It looks like the fleet has packed up and is going south empty,”

A confrontation between the Heiltsuk First Nation and the federal government that threatened to erupt into a “war on the water” appears to have ended with the commercial fleet leaving the central coast, where the industry had been waiting for a disputed fishery to open. “We’re pretty ecstatic here,” Carrie Humchitt, legal services co-ordinator for the Heiltsuk said Wednesday. “We’re just waiting for official confirmation, but we’ve received word through channels that all of the industry boats will be pulling out.” Read the rest here 22:25

  • Norm Graham

    I Call BULLSHIT! If local natives have issues with local fisheries, OK But to wait till the last second to make their point is not acceptable. The commercial boats and especially the crew were there to make a living not to take advantage. They invested their time and equipment and now go home to their family without a pay cheque.. The problem is not with the fishermen, it’s with the management, in this case DFO and your communication .
    I won’t comment on the stocks other than say,,”No fishery of herring is acceptable ” to make my point that includes any food fishery and roe on kelp.(those eggs don’t get a chance)….
    The Bears, Deer, cougars wolves fish snakes eagles, are the REAL first nations on this land, humans came later.