The Gulf of Maine: Poster Child for Global Weirding?

gulf_of_maine1Since it’s snowing this evening, again, I though I’d write something on climate, which I know is not weather. As so often, the great state of Maine, seemingly peripheral, turns out to be central, in this case because of the Gulf that bears its name. Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment (PDF): So, rather than a definitive theory of everything, this post is one citizen’s effort to try to make sense of the situation. So, to do that, I’ll ask, first, who believes the Gulf of Maine is warming? Read the rest here 08:20

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    I have a few questions. How are the Earth’s Poles positioned now? Are the openings in the Ozone Layer traveling in a different direction? How has the unregulated POLLUTION from Countries producing OUTSOURCED MANUFACTURING effected the OZONE LAYER?

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