‘Precision fishing’ trial confirmed to help the tiddlers

Precision-Seafood-Harvesting-SUPPLIEDA new form of commercial fishing has improved the survival rates for by-catch, scientists involved in the New Zealand project said. The system – which uses a large, flexible PVC liner with specifically sized holes along its length, allows undersized fish to escape before they are brought on board the fishing boat. The fish that are brought on board stay in better condition because they are still swimming in the liner when they are on the deck, the scientists said. Read the rest here 14:00

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Science geared toward keeping Fishermen on the Water now that’s something I haven’t seen before. You’re not going to learn that in a Book or on a Computer. God if that doesn’t sound like COMMON SENSE applied Science. Not to mention CATCHERS and SCIENTISTS can actually work together. You have my attention…

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