Holy Smoke! Elver prices rise to around $1,900 per pound

elverprice040715_1.jpgExpectations for the volume of elvers that will be caught in Maine this spring may be low but, based on prices that dealers are offering fishermen, the value of the fishery could be headed back up to what it was a couple of years ago. The snow and cold spring temperatures are keeping landings to a trickle so far this season, but for fishermen who are catching baby American eels, the price is back up,,, Read the rest here 09:25

One Response to Holy Smoke! Elver prices rise to around $1,900 per pound

  1. Mitchell Feigenbaum says:

    It is all pure speculation for now. As a quota holder I surely hope that these prices hold, but unfortunately I am aware that farmers in Asia are being offered eels cheaper than dealers are paying for them here. Someone is willing to take losses to corner markets and/or are looking to blend legitimate with illegitimate product. This is never good for the fishery.

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