House stymies aid for fisheries

Two bills before the House would together appropriate $51 billion for “Sandy relief” programs, and much of the money is unrelated to the October 2012 super storm or is of a non-emergency nature. But none of that will go to address the recognized Northeast “economic disaster” declared by the Department of Commerce in the commercial fishing industry. Read more

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  1. borehead - Moderator says:

    Interesting to notice those that have hurt fishermen more than any other entity would condemn.

    Marine Fish Conservation Network, an organization of fishing and conservation groups, including Conservation Law Foundation, Oceania, the National Resource Defense Council, Ocean Conservancy and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    But then, they are same ones that push for ocean destruction through ocean industrialization, i.e. Cape Wind.

    The ones that you never hear from on fishery issues like Markey are all in on the relief thing. Of course, he is interested in new habitat.
    Kerry’s office!

    He also is an ocean industrializationist, pushing hard for pile driving, and cable trenching of critical marine habitat.
    So much for environmentalism.

    As our elected officials, whom have had every opportunity to wield the power of a fragile bi partisan coalition, they have continued the campaign of empty words with no results, only bouying hope when there is none.

    Senator Kerry, there are a lot of people that are disappointed.

    The craziest twist to this mess is two Republican’s wanting to give NOAA money!
    Now that’s twisted, eh?

    Not really when you look at what happens when the biggest boondoggle ever, Cape Wind, placed, I might add, in Hurricane Ally, fails, and the leases will allow drilling in those area’s!

    Is that a stretch?
    You tell me.

    Thank you State Senator Tarr, for your efforts.

  2. philips66 says:

    Maybe they should give all the fishermen that NOAA has destroyed, high paying jobs at Cape Wind? Props to Senator Tarr from here as well.

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