Marine Safety Information Bulletin – Notification of New Requirements for Commercial Fishing Vessels

uscg-logoThe purpose of this Bulletin is to remind the commercial fishing industry about safety and equipment requirements established by the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 and the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2012 as well as other applicable laws. These new requirements are scheduled to go into effect by the date(s) set forth under the law. Read the rest here  18:34

4 Responses to Marine Safety Information Bulletin – Notification of New Requirements for Commercial Fishing Vessels

  1. Craig Councilman says:

    There should be a mandatory drug test for all crew before they our able to receive a commercial fishing license. The same for the captain’s, they should be required to pass a drug test every year in order to run a commercial vessel. Safety of crew and vessel should always be top priority in this industry. Dot requires one , why aren’t we required to ????????

    • DickyG says:

      Only when every government employee has to comply with the same—including politicians and Law Enforcement!

      • Craig Councilman says:

        I agree that they should be required as well , but thats a whole different ballgame. Thats the problem, if this person or that group does . SAFETY on commercial vessels is what im talking about . It will happen someday , hopefully sooner than later .

        • DickyG says:

          The assumption that captains and crews are not sober is part of the problem. I’m well aware that there are substance abuse problems in this industry—as there are in all other industries!
          In New England the fishing industry is being slowly (and not so slowly) but surely dismantled. Fishing is probably more dangerous now than before fishermen were being prevented from fishing. But, that might be a cause of substance abuse more than a result.
          One thing for certain though, is that the greatest impediment to vessel safety is the lack of funds for most New England Groundfishing operations. Funds that are needed for vessel maintenance and seaworthiness.
          All the drug testing in the world won’t restore fishermen’s profitability and dignity—or safety. Presenting vessel safety as a function of substance abuse without first looking at restoring some intelligent management—and therefore the safety and viability of independent fishing operations—is highlighting a symptom not a remedy for this besieged industry.

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