Canada’s Cooke Aquaculture buy’s Wanchese Fish Company, launches new company

Canada WancheseThis deal and investment into the wild fishery comes in tandem with the creation of a new company,Cooke Seafood USA Inc, which “will provide another platform for future growth within the capture fishery”, the Cooke family, owners of Canada-based Cooke Aquaculture, said in a release on Friday morning. Wanchese is a harvester, processor and distributor with the capacity to harvest 4,000 tons of wild scallops, flounder and other seafood products each year. Founded in 1936, it owns a fleet of 15 vessels capable of providing product fresh to the US,,, Read the rest here 14:56

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  1. DickyG says:

    The affects of the PEWEDFNOAA push for consolidation and privatization is evident more ad more everyday. Here Cooke buys Wanchese.

    That’s Cooke as in Cooke Aquaculture, international Salmon Farmers, from Digby, Nova Scotia. Now they’re a “vertically integrated” corporate-style company (i.e. they grow, harvest, market and sell all of their own product—no outside middlemen to share in the profits). However, they market themselves as a “family” business (or how many times can you use the word FAMILY in one paragraph):
    “This purchase is an exciting venture for us as we add a well-respected, family-owned and vertically integrated fishing company to our family’s businesses,” Glenn Cooke, CEO Of the newly formed company, said. “We have found many similarities in our corporate cultures, not only a strong focus on family values but also on investment in a well-managed and third party certified fisheries (MSC) – investments that are core to our family’s business philosophy.”

    Buying Wanchese Fish Company, Suffolk VA, not only gives Cooke Aquaculture a Scallop Fleet, but it also makes them a major player in our local “wild caught fisheries” with political clout to do things like usher in the Marine Stewardship Council scam artists and the like.

    And by setting up the Cooke Seafood USA, Inc. company they can avoid any of the meager protective tariffs that we do have, i.e. Saltonstall-Kennedy for instance.
    “This deal and investment into the wild fishery involves the creation of a new company, Cooke Seafood USA Inc.”

    • borehead says:

      I’ve read so many bad articles about Cooke, and their underhanded dealings with chemicals, not completing projects they’ve received federal funding for, and other broken promises.
      They seem to keep buying other fishery operations around the globe, though.
      I’m sick of this shit.
      I’d write more Dick, but I’m in a high state of agitation, and will not be effective. I’ll be back.

  2. chris scola says:

    Good for the Daniels family but terrible for the independent American fishermen.

    • borehead says:

      Glad to see you here, Chris.
      This is not good for us, or our industry.
      It’s more foreign ownership of our resources. Like the Clam industry, which now has Lion Capital, a British hedge fund, owning American natural resources.
      I blame the scuzzy Wall St Enviro crowd.
      This is also controversial in Canada, as Cooke, a huge recipient of federal loans fails to deliver on promises made.

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