Five years after ‘catch shares’ and ‘sectors,’ groundfish industry is on the rocks

10172769-largeFive years have now gone by since the reshaping of the Northeast fishery, five years that the the Northeast groundfishing industry does the best it can under a new set of rules. Five years ago, few knew the definition of the word “sector” as Fisheries was suddenly using it. Basically they are what most people would call co-operatives.  “Catch shares” were a bit easier; it’s another word for quotas. And it’s the catch shares, not so much the sectors, that many believe are at the root of the problem. Read the rest here 09:00

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  1. DANDOG says:

    Mr. Shelley states that it wasn’t sectors or catch shares that ruined the industry…. Spoken from a true expert in fisheries management,He’s logged enough hours in his cubicle, reading up on this shit, that he must be right!

    • borehead says:

      Peter Shelley is nothing but a common grafter, a carnival barker, that has created more misery for NE fishermen than anyone.
      We can’t forget that he sat in for NOAA during the appellate process of industry people looking to eliminate this job killing charade.
      Johanna “we’re her to help” Thompson, of EDF is going to defend the EDF privatization/ consolidation/elimination heist or the free market theft scam. That’s what they do.
      We’ve all read the stories, as they developed of the largest winners buying quota, lots of quota, much of it from the Cape Hookers, only to watch them come into the area’s of the small boat fleet, and undo all of the painful conservation generated by stock rebuilding DAS.
      There is nothing these ENGO criminals can say with that has any legitimate credibility.
      As far as the Author of this article, he is guilty of misrepresenting the misrepresent able NOAA Fisheries, as there is no such agency.
      There is NOAA, and there is NMFS.
      These are two separate agency’s, and every entry into the Federal register of these agency’s fails to include this pseudonym.
      Time for Steve Urbon,, of all NE fishery writers, to get this right.
      Its such a faggy, douche name.

      • DANDOG says:

        Right on,BH! These criminals are hoping with the passage of time that people will forget what really happened,Catch Shares destroyed the ground fishery on my fishing grounds! Period- end of story. Thank you for fighting back on their BS

        • David Tedford says:

          Catch shares are the worst thing that could ever happen to all aspects of commercial fishing. Its the governments way of exterminating fisherman. …

          • borehead says:

            HR 1335 requires the 2/3 majority vote to implement any catch share fishery. That’s why some morons are against the bill as it was amended.

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