Louisiana Lawmakers vote to let Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents enforce federal sea turtle law

State wildlife officials should soon be able to enforce federal laws that require shrimp nets to include escape hatches for. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Seafood Watch,” a program that recommends seafood choices to consumers and is popular with environmentalists, has recommended at least since 2013 that people avoid Louisiana wild-caught shrimp — which are caught mostly in state waters — because of the ban. Read the rest here 11:15

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  1. While I believe that the turtle excluders/escape hatches are a good thing for turtles & that we as fishermen should do all that we can to aid their rebuilding; I can’t help but wonder why “Monteray Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch” & other ENGOs like “Oceana”, have remained virtually silent about possibly boycotting petrolium & varied products produced & sold by “BP”?

    Their negligence & willful acts caused more harm to turtles & every other marine wildlife in the Gulf in one day, than the industry is likely to have caused over its entire history!
    Jim Kendall NBSC
    June 10, 2015

    • You don’t suppose it’s because a major part of their funding comes from the petroleum industry do you Jim? Never bite the hand that feeds you. They call themselves conservationists. Ha what a joke.