Cape Wind Project: A Tale of Crony Environmentalism (Part 2) Did Mass Audubon Sell its Soul to the Wind Industry?

Crony-EnvironmentalismAs an environmentalist and bird lover, it gives me no pleasure to criticize the largest conservation organization in New England; an organization of which I am a member. Personal conflict aside, it seems apparent that Massachusetts Audubon Society’s support for a massive industrial project threatens thousands of birds a year.,, Case in point: Cape Wind poses a serious threat to marine mammals, yet is one of their biggest cheerleaders. Cape Wind Project: A Tale of Crony Environmentalism Read part 1 here,   Read part 2 here 15:51

3 Responses to Cape Wind Project: A Tale of Crony Environmentalism (Part 2) Did Mass Audubon Sell its Soul to the Wind Industry?

  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Typical and disturbing of the enviro’s, and of course one line really sums this up:

    “Money can be seductive, especially to a non-profit organization.”

    How about that….and how many times have we heard the almighty dollar influencing the politics, favors, influence and use of taxpayers dollars by those elected (and unelected bureaucrats) in Washington?

    From: The Great American Wind Power Fraud
    by Alan Caruba
    October 23, 2013

    “The wind industry is essentially non-competitive when it comes to energy generation from traditional sources and has also been around long enough to amply demonstrate that. In a market economy, such industries are allowed to fail.”

    • borehead says:

      And it comes straight from the horse’s mouth!
      It is refreshing to know that there are some entrenched in the environmental group has integrity, and call them out on this bird killing industry.
      It was a surprise.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Isn’t it great when the libs “eat their own?”

    Over the years as wind energy was starting to gain notoriety with the public, one of the big dirty secrets was the whole “cuisinart effect” of the blades on birds and bats…especially when those birds just happen to be our national bird, and the exceptions given to wind energy farms for the kills on bald eagles? (see: )

    It’s dirty…that being the whole green energy ruse, and in this instance the wind energy scam, which in the end will cost rate payers more than 4x the electric rates they are currently paying.

    People in this country are getting tired of the crony capitalism, political donor handouts by of all federal agencies, the so called Energy Department.

    Until such time when green energy is actually “green” (a marketing misnomer), lets stick with the most economically feasible and reliable energy sources.

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