‘Deadliest Catch’ Favorite Capt. Phil Harris Voted Greatest Reality TV Personality of All Time

phil harris greatest reallity tv starOnline competitions are often nothing more than a popularity contest — where a show can mobilize its fans to get out the vote before the polls close. But sometimes, as is the case with our two-week race to crown the Greatest Reality TV Personality of All Time — the popular pick is also the right one. Capt. Phil Harris — a rock star of the Bering Sea crab-fishing fleet who finally got the chance to know his sons, Josh and Jake, when they became deckhands on the Cornelia Marie — dominated each round: He won the Hero title (with 73 percent of the vote), breezed through the semifinals (with 46 percent), and ultimately defeated Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay in the final (with 86 percent). Read the rest here 18:00

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