Oceana claims 2/3 of Tuna sold in Restaurants and Stores is really dangerous Escolar!

The findings were made by Radical Oceana, a non-profit organisation that campaigns for the protection and restoration of the world’s oceans. (no fishing) Oceana took 1,215 samples of fish from across the United States and genetically tested them. Most of it was escolar – a type of fish that can lead to serious stomach cramps and dangerous levels of diarrhea in some consumers. When it comes to canned tuna, Southern California is the worst offender, with 52 per cent of the state’s ‘tuna cans’ not containing tuna at all. Read the rest here 19:56

  • jmknbsc .

    Re: Oceana’s claim that 2/3 of tuna sold by restaurants
    & stores is “escolar”

    June 29, 2015 @ fisherynation.com as posted @ DailyMail.com (UK)

    If there is even a bit of truth to these exorbitant claims
    & accusations, then it is the “duty” of Oceana to make the names
    & addresses of these restaurants & grocery stores public in the name of consumer health concerns!

    It’s very easy to make ridiculous claims if no one is
    demanding or even requesting the most basic of facts be included with these assertions. This is just another form of “Eco-Terrorism” free speak, emanating from the furthermost reaches of the bowels of Oceana, as most of their ridiculous statements do!

    Jim Kendall