Outer Banks fishermen reeling in half-eaten fish

The fishermen say strict shark fishing laws that went into effect years ago are part of the problem. Now, the sharks are overpopulated. All those sharks are now the fishermen’s competition. “Some sets we don’t get a fish back. We might catch 25 or 30 heads. Pieces where everything is gone. It’s literally costing thousands and thousands out of my pocket,” Hopkins said. Video, Read the rest here 09:48

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  1. Terry Salter says:

    That is so foolish…Sharks are hungry because of the lack of fish,just like the fishermen are getting less and less for lack of fish.They going now anywhere they can find fish.Millions of sharks killed by long liners fishing for sword fish.Some cut fins off to ship to Japan and most just take off hooks and throw back overboard dead or dying.Give the sharks a break…They keep they ocean clean…That is ….what is left.

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