The distorted view of reality – A Knockout Blow for American Fish Stocks?

gib01Today, in the New York Times, Oceana’s Gib Brogan ignores the facts of the New England fishing industry, a hollowed out shell of what once was an industry of prosperity, dismantled by disgraceful government science, that ignores predator/prey of an out of balance eco system, and of all things, climate change redistribution of certain stocks, Cod, insinuating all fish stocks of the multi specie fishery collapsed. Click the links at the article. Read the Op-ed here. The comment section is open. 09:31

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  1. Borehead says:

    My God! Where to begin?!

    I think I’ll begin with the fact that Oceana as an organization continues to sway public opinion with hyperbolic dogma, as displayed in this op-ed, supported by wealth foundation funding.

    Jon Gonzales of Santa Barbara, California, has exposed Oceana, better than anyone else with his presentations at Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting during public comments about the California drift net Sword fishery issues.

    See them here.

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    And Peter Baker fanning the flames. And the majority of the commenters are making me start to believe ISIS may be on to something. These people are out of their f’n minds. God help us and God help save America from these lunatics.

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